RF Newsletter 2018 #01

RF Newsletter 2018 #01

  "Life has become immeasurably better since I have been forced to stop taking it seriously." 
- Hunter S. Thompson
Well I survived the first week of 2018, and since you are reading this I believe you did as well! 2017 was amazing and I am so THANKFUL to everyone who made it possible! Some of the highlights in 2017 for me, I was able to shoot the album cover for the one and only Alice Cooper! Please grab a copy of Paranormal if you haven't already. My favorite track is "Dynamite Road". Can't get enough of it.
I also found a permanent home for Rob Fenn, Inc, Cut & Scratch, and NDR Records located on Main Street in Historic Downtown in Payson, UT. Growing up in Payson it's a RAD feeling having my business here. If you find yourself in the area stop by and say hi!
More highlights in 2017, Cut & Scratch won Utah Valley's #1 Barber Shop in the Daily Herald's Readers Choice Awards! I also launched the Rob Fenn Photo Gallery with the Rob Zombie Photo Exhibit. Crazy ass Zombie fans came from all over the country. Learn more at www.RobFenn.com
I also spent time in the studio with Halestorm while they worked on their new album, and was able to chase Rise Against around the United States and Europe. I am looking forward to releasing the Rise Against photo book this year!

As far as my record company NDR Records, the "Loud, Live & In A Dive" tour with Orange Blossom Special was a huge success, along with The Boxmasters "Tea Surfing" tour! Look for new albums and tours from both bands in 2018.

In film, I have four projects going on at the moment. (Fucking insane right?) 2017 really catapulted this part of my career. I am stoked to see all the hard work with this come to life this year. Stay tuned for this madness!

A bunch of other amazing things happened in 2017 that I am extremely happy for, but I think the thing I am most proud of and thankful for is my daughter starting collage at the University of Utah. I LOVE THIS KID!!! Our lives weren't normal but they are ours, and to see her push through the insanity and better herself is the greatest gift this world could give me. SO PROUD OF YOU RUGGYRAT!!
Well I have probably rambled on enough so I'll say bye for now!
All the best in 2018 my friends, and I hope to see you out on the road where music lives!

Andrea Kuijstermans • Netherlands
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